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Join Brian and Kyle as they chat about Microsoft Ignite 2019 announcements, cameras and enjoy how great their voices sound with proper equipment!

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(aka Zed’s Dead, Baby)


  • Kyle Rosenthal
  • Brian Bork
  • James Finley

In this exciting episode, listen as our heroes, Kyle and Brian, are joined by their Kiwi friend James and start exploring why Kyle hates airport hotels and exercise. Along the way they discover why Kyle spent a day in Athens. At least what his story is, and why he’s sticking with it.

Along the way, tensions mount as Brian takes umbrage that Kyle may well have taken “The Gadget Guy” title off of him. Don’t miss all the action as Brian shills for Delta, and our merry band of explorers ruminate on the possible tech impacts of the newly-proposed laptop bans on some commercial flights.

Finally, we wrap up with Brian’s thoughts on a micro-projector that has piqued his interest.
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or a newer model:


Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday!

This episode brings you Kyle and friends (Glenn Morris and Graham Parkinson) live from what sounds like the inside of a tin can in Greece, as well as the jocular joviality of Brian.

Keep an ear out for such weighty topics as:

  • Mind if we call you Brian? (The many Brian Borks)
  • Europe MCT Summit Recap
  • The Big Announcement
  • Microsoft Learning and Readiness–what it might mean
  • Brian’s tips for travelling trainers
  • Brian misses an opportunity to plug our sponsor (We love you LODS!)
  • Why we didn’t call Wayne
  • Find us at Inspire, Ignite and TechSummits

aka The Astute Hirsute

In this episode our intrepid podcasters Kyle and Brian review all the exciting and not-so exciting news from the Microsoft Build conference. Not surprisingly they don’t always agree which bits are which.

Watch out for such classics as:

  • Water and Electronics Don’t Mix
  • Stuff They Thought the Sound Guy Would Delete
  • Why Brian Doesn’t Want Dirty Emails
  • OneDrive Files OnDemand: The Return of Placeholders
  • Brian’s Thoughts VR/AR controllers
  • Kyle Tries to Help Brian Build a Windows RT Bridge…
  • Windows 10 S: Something or Nothing?
  • Early Musings on the Surface Laptop
  • Patching in the Brave New World of OS as a Service
  • And Somehow They Still Ended Up Talking About Butts

(aka Dreams of Kangaroos, Bicycles and Fibre Things)

Kyle and Brian welcome Glenn Morris back to the podcast for a wide ranging discussion what feels like a bit of a flat patch in the tech space. Is it something? Is it nothing? What does it all mean for trainers and the training industry?

Plus some reviews of the HP Spectre and the new Surface Laptops.

Check out the latest podcast from Kyle and Brian:

TTTT welcomes back our resident Aussie, Kyle. In this episode we cover “What’s Up with Kyle?”, throw in our 5 cents worth on travel, pets, music and other stuff. Oh yeah, we also find some time to talk about tech, Windows Insider for Business and upcoming tech events. You don’t want to miss this one!

On Tuesday February 7, 2017 there was a secret podcast┬árecording session with some of the greatest technical minds on the planet discussing the weighty issues of the day. We couldn’t get in to that.

Instead, Brian (No Kyle), and global friends got together over a tasty beverage or two and discuss tech they love and miss, as well as offering up some thoughts on the role of technical certifications in the age of the cloud.

Thank you to Ed, James, Wayne and Don for contributing their thoughts and jokes!

and take a look to the year ahead – what do we think will be the popular tech for this year!