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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Vegas TTTT Session.

Kyle, Brian and James are joined by a gaggle of MCT Guests in a special group Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday roundtable session.

Bryan Tuttle, Brian Yili, Rob Lisiecki, Rob de Roek, James Burnham, and Mike Corkery
review the important topics of the day, such as

  • Using a Parking Lot: Yay/Nay
  • What effects are new technology having on how we teach classes?
  • What effects should it have?
  • Corkery gives us an update on the SAV6000
  • Things you don’t want to pick up in Vegas . . .
  • Tributes to the Surface Pro.

All this and more!

Kyle’s Power Bagel:–PowerBrick

Despite sounding like a bad After-School special, come join Kyle, Brian and a very special guest for an entertaining and informative discussion where we can all learn:

  • Why we won’t have our one listener this episode
  • Tips on organizing course content from a seasoned pro
  • Why someone said “I’ve been teaching for 25 years, and I’ve never had a kid like Brian.”
  • Highlights from the recent Build and Google IO conferences

Wayne, Carl and James are joined by a special guest, Rose Herden–Accountant, Psychologist and Trainer Extraordinaire.

Listen in and hear how:

  • Rose makes us all look like mental midgets
  • How to deal with different students and different cultures in your classroom
  • Why you should encourage mistakes to help learning
  • Whether or not Brian still has microphone envy

Plus, you can play another exciting round of “Where is the world is Kyle Rosenthal?”!

All this and more !