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Join Brian and Kyle as they chat about Microsoft Ignite 2019 announcements, cameras and enjoy how great their voices sound with proper equipment!

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Join Kyle, Brian and special guest and Microsoft Azure MVP Tiago Costa as they have a wide-ranging and in-depth about the latest Microsoft Azure certifications and courses.

Join Kyle, Brian and James as they catch up on a wide range of topics.

Don’t miss this exciting episode to hear

  • Kyle waffle on about time around the world
  • Why James is more semi- than professional
  • Brian’s Prime Day tech review/therapy session
    • Targus vitriol
    • Exciting news about digital assistants
    • The Nebula Capsule by Anker (
  • What Kyle has in common with Bruce Lee
  • James suck up to our sponsor

Targus update: Targus has repaired Brian’s bag, and returned it to him. It is now fully functional once again. But now he finds it to be too small and isn’t using it anyway.

Kyle, Brian and Glenn talk about training, life on the road, and their tips and tricks for staying healthy when you are away from home.

Travel is fun and nice, but not as glamorous as often made out to be. After spending years on the road, they share their thoughts on the effects of trainer travel on their family, their work, their health and life in general, along with some of their tips on how to keep yourself happy and healthy if you find yourself being a bit of a road warrior.

Music: “On the Road Again”–Katchafire

Malificent or Magnanimous . . . you choose.

Don’t miss this exciting episode where you can hear Kyle and Brian dig on Kyle’s new headphones, some exciting Veeam news,talk about dealing with change in the training world, Wayne and his zimmer frame.

Make sure you catch Kyle spending way too much time explaining the difference between a power transformer and an adapter, the amazing Mogics Power Bagel (, and how to get the right bag.

Also, find out why Kyle’s got a crumpler (perhaps some insecticide will help…).

Music: Cab Calloway, Everybody Eats at My House

Vegas TTTT Session.

Kyle, Brian and James are joined by a gaggle of MCT Guests in a special group Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday roundtable session.

Bryan Tuttle, Brian Yili, Rob Lisiecki, Rob de Roek, James Burnham, and Mike Corkery
review the important topics of the day, such as

  • Using a Parking Lot: Yay/Nay
  • What effects are new technology having on how we teach classes?
  • What effects should it have?
  • Corkery gives us an update on the SAV6000
  • Things you don’t want to pick up in Vegas . . .
  • Tributes to the Surface Pro.

All this and more!

Kyle’s Power Bagel:–PowerBrick

Despite sounding like a bad After-School special, come join Kyle, Brian and a very special guest for an entertaining and informative discussion where we can all learn:

  • Why we won’t have our one listener this episode
  • Tips on organizing course content from a seasoned pro
  • Why someone said “I’ve been teaching for 25 years, and I’ve never had a kid like Brian.”
  • Highlights from the recent Build and Google IO conferences

Wayne, Carl and James are joined by a special guest, Rose Herden–Accountant, Psychologist and Trainer Extraordinaire.

Listen in and hear how:

  • Rose makes us all look like mental midgets
  • How to deal with different students and different cultures in your classroom
  • Why you should encourage mistakes to help learning
  • Whether or not Brian still has microphone envy

Plus, you can play another exciting round of “Where is the world is Kyle Rosenthal?”!

All this and more !

Join Brian, Kyle and James as they set the bar high for this episode: Enthralling

To chase that dream, our intrepid podcasters cover everything from cricket (the game, not the bug), the hockey blue halo, OneDrive as a productivity tool all the way to an in-depth discussion about cloud architecture exams.

Along the way you’ll discover

  • We know Gandalf, we’ve met Gandalf, and Brian is no Gandalf.
  • Brian learns about The Blob
  • James is eerily prescient about how long it will take him to get this episode posted
  • Why Kyle tries to avoid Brian
  • Chicago restaurant recommendations
  • And more!


Join Brian, Kyle and Wayne  for a rollicking romp through a range of topics including . . .
Zimmer frames, what are they?
Brian’s gadgets and gizmos
MVP Summit reviews
The quiet room
Conference Comparison
Wayne offends our British friends . . .
And confirms that he’s older than dirt

Check out Brian’s Gadgets and Gizmos session here: