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(aka Zed’s Dead, Baby)


  • Kyle Rosenthal
  • Brian Bork
  • James Finley

In this exciting episode, listen as our heroes, Kyle and Brian, are joined by their Kiwi friend James and start exploring why Kyle hates airport hotels and exercise. Along the way they discover why Kyle spent a day in Athens. At least what his story is, and why he’s sticking with it.

Along the way, tensions mount as Brian takes umbrage that Kyle may well have taken “The Gadget Guy” title off of him. Don’t miss all the action as Brian shills for Delta, and our merry band of explorers ruminate on the possible tech impacts of the newly-proposed laptop bans on some commercial flights.

Finally, we wrap up with Brian’s thoughts on a micro-projector that has piqued his interest.
(You can find it on Amazon here:

or a newer model:


Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday!

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